The businessy version:

Marlane is best known for The Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn Part Two as Maggie of the Irish Coven. Other film credits include the feature film Sake Bomb, which was an Official Selection for SXSW 2013 and now has UK distribution, as well as the record-breaking one-take feature Somebody Marry Me starring Ray Abruzzo. Television appearances include Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy, recurring roles on The Fosters and iCarly, and a recurring guest star role on Masters of Sex on Showtime. Before moving to Los Angeles she studied theatre in Austin, Texas. 

Marlane volunteers in the animal rescue community by fostering for Best Friends Animal Society and acting as a national spokesperson to spread awareness for the spay/neuter organization SpayFirst! 

Marlane is repped by Defining Artists Agency and managed by Consortium Entertainment.

Follow her on Twitter @MarlaneBarnes!


The more fun version:

Marlane is a native of Portland, Maine and was raised in Fort Smith, Arkansas. 

While living in Portland, ME she spent time on Old Orchard Beach riding the Ferris wheel and flinging sand around. 
That's about all she remembers about it, aside from it being very, VERY cold. 

While living in Fort Smith, AR she discovered that all the Kahlua in the world is bottled in Fort Smith! 

Next time you have a White Russian while watching The Big Lebowski, ask for the bottle and check it out. 

She did that while studying theatre abroad in London and was impressed. 

That was in a spare moment when she wasn't watching plays or eating noodles at Wagamama. 

She fell in love with acting at the age of 10 when the hardest thing about it was "learning all those lines." She  thought 

she would be  lawyer, then she realized she just wanted to play one, in a movie or onstage, or anywhere really. 

Incidentally, she has not yet played a lawyer, but is open to it. 

Now Marlane  lives in Los Angeles, CA with a filmmaker and three cats. 

When she is not acting or thinking about acting she reads books on a Kindle, 

makes things and 
writes about them on MarlaneDesign,

and volunteers in the animal rescue community by fostering homeless dogs (one at a time) 

and writing about that experience at

She also spreads awareness  for the need for spay and neuter as

 the national spokesperson for a spay/neuter advocacy organization called SpayFirst!

Marlane wants to thank you for visiting her site.